You Have A Problem With Not Being Able To Open A Data Connection 10060

You Have A Problem With Not Being Able To Open A Data Connection 10060

If you are unable to open 10060 data connection on your PC, we hope this guide can help you with the repair.

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    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 425 Response Too Early status code indicates that the server is usually not prepared to disrupt the processing of a request that can in fact be replayed, creating the possibility of a new attack.

    Do you have a firewall? Could you try disabling it (temporarily) and if that solves the problem?


    Hi, sometimes it pops up that the server is also behind a firewall. You get special authentication on port 21, and as soon as you try to transfer data, it changes to port 20. This error occurs when the software in front of the server does not seriously allow port 20

    Could not connect to server 10060?

    10060 is that you just run into a connection timeout error, which usually occurs when the client cannot receive a response from the server when it is following a certain command. This approach most often occurs when you are trying to establish a PASV communication with a device that prefers PORT for factual information and links.

    FTP discrepancies are difficult to decipher, especially when new error codes are displayed.

    PC problems? Solve them in minutes.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • At Bobcares, we help online retailers fix strange FTP errors as part of our server management services.

    Today we will discuss the 5 main causes of this error and / or how to fix them.

    Manage 10060 Connections In SFTP – Description


    SFTP “10060 Connection Handling” means that the connection attempt failed because the remote server did not fully respond after a while. Or it may be that most established FTP sessions will time out before data is received from an exotic server.

     STATUS:> Connecting to Data File Transfer Protocol socket xx.xx.xx.xx: xx. FailsError:> Refuse to connectto the server. Socket error = # 10060.ERROR:> Error installing data socket. 

    “Connection Error 10060” In SFTP – Why And How To Fix It?

    How do I fix error 10060?

    How to fix socket error 10060?The first way. Check your web proxy connection.Method 2: Increase the latency on internet streaming websites.Method 3. Check your mail client settings.Block websites, internet service providers and others from tracking you.Recover your information and lost facts quickly.

    To permanently fix this error, you will help our engineers determine the cause of the spread by checking and excluding all possible options.

    1) Bad FTP host, and
    cannot open data connection 10060

    This port

    The error can occur because the remote FTP server was not showing up with the specified hostname / IP address in addition to the SFTP port in the connection details.

    For example, in Filezilla, Internet owners must specify the hostname in order to establish a secure connection via SFTP. However, we have seen cases where owners forgot to list sftp as one of the top FTP hosts.

    Likewise, standard FTP is definitely port 21 and SFTP is definitely port 22. We have seen cases where users have used SFTP, but the connection does not provide the correct SFTP port in the client configuration.

    An invalid hostname or FTP port can cause this important error.



    First, the support specialists check the DNS connectivitysome FTP sites using the search command.


    Also, we are evaluating the ability to connect to SFTP-mov using the telnet command. 22  

    Then we FTP several times if the hostname / IP address and SFTP port are correct when configuring the FTP client.

    2) Local Firewall / Antivirus Limitations

    If an FTP connection is established, but all these errors occur before the remote transfer server recognizes, the reason may be that your localized firewall / antivirus is blocking the connection.

    In other buzzwords we’ve seen cases where a third-party firewall or antivirus on a user’s computer has blocked the connection to your FTP application. Likewise, on rare occasions, the firewall might block the FTP method and port, resulting in this error.


    First, our support specialists check the communication network between the customer and the FTP server, usually using the ping command.


    In this product, we ask users to temporarily disable antivirus software and firewall (Windows firewall, third party firewall, etc.). This helps us see if the security application is causing problems.

    In addition, my husband and I recommend that website owners configure their firewalls to enable SFTP traffic on port 22. If needed, we can help customers add the exact FTP code for the client as a feature to exclude their firewall.

    3) Issues with ISP firewall

    Another common cause of this error is that the ISP is blocking targeted traffic through regular FTP / SFTP ports. Likewise, problems with intermediate modems between the end user and the remote PC support server can also lead to an article error.


    In such litigation, our support specialists will receive your traceroute or tcptraceroute results directly from the user’s PC to a remote server. This helps us make sure that each of the routers in the gateway is working correctly. In addition, we mWe can identify problems in the network connection between the FTP hosting server and the user’s PC.

    4) Data connection type

    FTP transfer can be performed in both active and passive mode. Most FTP clients try passive mode by default. However, some remote servers restrict FTP connection as the only active mode (PORT).

    And when internet users use passive mode to connect to the server, they will get SFTP connection error 10060.


    The solution depends on the FTP client used by the client.

    Our support specialists get the information about the FTP client and take advantage of the fact that they navigate through their FTP calling settings and turn on active mode.

    As an illustration, in Filezilla we activate Active after Edit Mode> Preferences> FTP> Transfer Mode.

    5) Connection / transmission timeout settings

    This usually happens when modifying users are trying to get a very large file from a remote computer. In other words, Server Remote Computer Repair sends bLarge file. Meanwhile, the FTP client has to set a time limit for connection / transfer.

    cannot open data connection 10060

    From behind clients, you can see “Connection Manager 10060” in SFTP.



    when our support specialists help members think more about connection delays in their FTP clients. To be perfect in Filezilla, change the attachment timeout values ​​in Edit> Preferences> Connection> Timeout.

    In some cases, we will completely disable certain timeout parameters by setting the While parameter to zero.

    [So you need an expert to investigate your main FTP problem? Click here and our new support specialists will fix you.]


    In short, the “10060 connection issue” in SFTP can occur due to incorrect FTP client, local firewall, antivirus restrictions, etc. Today we covered the 5 main causes of this error, as well as how our service engineers can fix them. support.


    Never Don’t lose clients anymore due to low server speed! We’ll let you help.

    Our server industry experts will wait and monitor your server 24/7 to keep it running quickly and securely.

    Say goodbye to frustrating computer problems with this simple download.

    Liam Thornton

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