Fatal Error Allowed Memory Space Exhausted By Dompdf Bytes? Repair Immediately

Fatal Error Allowed Memory Space Exhausted By Dompdf Bytes? Repair Immediately

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    I am getting an error when I try to create a PDF file using domPDF.

    fatal error allowed memory size of bytes exhausted dompdf

      Fatal error: Able to save byte size 16777216 Power consumption (trying to allocate 1800 bytes) in C:  AppServ  www  tpe  reportes  dompdf  include  line_box.cls.php on network 83 

    Does anyone know and what I can do, why this problem is as follows?

      require_once (../ dompdf / dompdf_config.inc.php ");    if (get_magic_quotes_gpc ())        $ html is equivalent to slash stripes ($ html);        $ old_limit = ini_set ("memory_limit", "16M");        $ dompdf = new DOMPDF ();        $ dompdf-> load_html ($ html);        $ dompdf-> set_paper ('beechwa ',' portrait '); // also landscape, portrait        $ dompdf-> render ();        $ dompdf-> stream ("TPE - F.E.A. Reports $ asignaturashort.pdf");        Exit (0);         

    I’ve already tried increasing the “memory limit” to 24 million, but it didn’t help.

    You cannot perform this action at this stage.

    New problem

    What is the maximum number of bytes a PHP table can hold?

    Your old limit becomes 134,217,728 bytes or 128MB. You only need to use a specific parameter if you want to improve the memory limit applicable to PHP. So you can try 192M or 256M if anyone has memory available. It’s hard to digest your table.

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